***New Sextet Record***
We are very excited to get this one out!
The Gates will be released this 6/14/19!

John Yao, James Hughes and I collaborated and made this sextet record of 9 original compositions.

For pre-sales go to Shifting Paradigm Records

This record was produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Byerly@ Longview sound

This record was mastered by Anthony Gravino

CD cover design by Leslie Kelly

We will be celebrating the release of “The Gates" @ the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe June 19-22.

***New Record***
You can look for our new album in the winter of 2018.
Also, we have just launched www.hughessmithquintet.com. Check out the new site!

This has been a very busy summer. The Hughes/Smith Quintet, Will Sessions, Melvin Davis and Stewart Francke all have new records out and I have been working with all those groups to support the new records. James Hughes, Bobby Streng, Matt Martinez and I have finally launched The Woodward Horns. We have been playing and recording together now for a few years so we figured it was finally time to name our horn section.

The Woodward Horns have started working with Ben Sharkey. We have put a whole show together with Ben. We are very excited to be working with Ben. We also recently collaborated with the Detroit rock band The Strangers. We played a show with them at Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak. We wrote horn parts for a couple originals as well as a few covers.

The Woodward Horns are playing a Etta James Tribute in October. The show is being organized by Bobby Murray who played in Etta's band for 25 years. The show will have some of Detroit's finest blues players. We are very excited to be part of that show.

This has been a really great summer. I have been playing lots of jazz gigs at a new venue in Royal Oak named Onyx. I have been working gigs with the HSQ, Beth Stalker, Bob Mervak and my wife Liz Mervak. I have been in the studio recording a lot of horn section stuff with James Hughes and Matt Martinez. The Melvin Davis record is nearing completion, we are very excited about this project. The Will Sessions band recently recorded the Mix Takes 3 & 4 records. The Modern CAP band just released our first record. Also, The HSQ has a new record in the works which is very exciting.

Things have been very busy lately! I have been writing, arranging and recording horn parts for several Detroit area musicians. I am currently gearing up to record a record with The Modern CAP Band. I just recorded on Amp Fiddler's up coming record with The Will Sessions horns. The Will Sessions band is working on a new record, it is going to be a live recording. We plan on recording at the end of June. James and I are still adding dates with The HSQ and are adding new tunes to the book. Check back for more dates and news!

Spring has sprung! It was a really rough winter here in Detroit, I believe most of the snow has finally melted. Spring is off to a really busy start. I am in the process of writing and recording for a number of projects. The Hughes/Smith Quintet has been nomnitated for several Detroit Music Awards! The HSQ has been busy and new summer and fall dates are rolling in. We recently had a couple great shows at The DIA's "Friday Night Live" concert series and The Cadieux Cafe. Keep checking back for more dates and more news.

Fall is off to a really busy start. I have taken a new teaching position for a Chicago based company called Band for Today. I am the first Detroit based employee. I will be teaching band and piano classes at several different schools around the Detroit area.

I am getting ready to start new recording projects with Melvin Davis, The Will Sessions Band and The Paul Keller Orchestra. The Hughes/Smith Quintet is also saying busy and adding more dates to the calendar.

Summer has been really busy, I have recently started playing with The Will Sessions Band. The band is slammin', I am really excited to be involved! I also just finished recording a couple tunes with Melvin Davis for his new 45 to be released on the gure gauza label.

I have just completed recording my debut album. My co-leader for this album is a good friend of mine, saxophonist James Hughes. We are releasing a recording of 9 original jazz compositions. In the band are Phil Kelly (piano), Takashi Iio (bass), and Nate Winn (drums) James Hughes on Alto, Tenor & Soprano & saxophones and myself on Trumpet & Flugelhorn.

The official release date for (From Here On Out) is 4/16/13. Look for it on iTunes, Amazon & CD baby.